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Health We’ve been walking for over 60 years... 																																’and still haven’t found what we’re looking for… Bono. ’

Formed in 1954, Lytham St Annes Rambling Club have been walking on beaten tracks for over 50 years. Each 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month we have a walk scheduled. Regardless of the weather we will be out in the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District or the Lake District come rain, shine, sleet or snow. (and sometimes all four!)

Walks vary and there are usually three grades to choose from, sometimes more.

For beginners and those who are not as young as they once were, the ‘D’ walks are planned with a short walk and gentle if any uphill sections.

For beginners and those who are still happy to do a few more miles, the ‘C’ walks are planned to give everyone a chance to enjoy the scenery at a relaxed pace. Usually around 6 to 8 miles, sometimes with short climbs (less than 1500 ft as a rule).

For those who enjoy something a bit more strenuous, the ‘B’ Walks cover a bit more ground, often between 8 and 10 miles and sometimes includes ascents up to 2000 ft depending on the area.

For experienced walkers, the ‘A’ walk is the ultimate challenge covering 10 to 12 miles with ascents up to 3500 on occasion.

Safety always comes first and all our walks are fully led by experienced ramblers. No need to worry about getting lost, we have the maps and the ‘know how’ to get you home.

What will I need?

There are a few things that you may need to make your day more enjoyable:

Warm trousers or shorts (not jeans or other cotton pants, they weigh a ton when wet and won't keep you warm)

Sturdy Footwear, walking boots preferred.

Waterproofs (jacket and trousers for those really wet days)

Packed Lunch, something to keep you going until we reach the coach. Water or other drinks to keep you hydrated on those long summer days. (We wish!)

Warm Clothing (Fleece, Hat & Gloves etc) - This can be important for the winter months and even in the warmer periods when you stop to eat or have a coffee.

Change of footwear - no dirty boots on the coach after a walk!

A simple rucksack to keep everything in. It’s always wise to have some ‘emergency’ snacks if we get delayed and for the serious walkers we always recommend other safety equipment such as a map, compass, watch, torch and maybe survival bag for those extreme winter walks.

Before you pay your first membership fees why not try walking with us a couple of times. This will help you decide if you like us, and if being in a walking club is for you.

So decide what day you want to join us. Then phone or Email to ‘book in’.

Once you have completed three walks with us, it is expected you would formally join the club and pay annual subscriptions to help support the club.

Rambling Association

Want to get some kit?

Click on the logo to visit the Ramblers website

Click on the logo to visit the Cotswold website.

 10 % Discount to Rambling Club members

Full membership cost just £10.00 per year (£5.00 for Juniors under 15). Subs are due 1st Jan.

For this you get a club syllabus detailing all club activities) and our monthly 'Bulletin'.

Each walk that you ‘book in’ on currently costs £12.00 to help offset the coach costs.

We always enjoy a social meal at the end of the day in a local pub. These meals range from £5 to £12 depending on your choices.

Try before you buy!

How much does it cost?