Lytham St Annes Rambling Club

Important Information:

With the resumption of twice monthly rambles and the re-introduction of coach travel, we need to revise our guidelines in line with the new operating procedures.

Members who are uncomfortable travelling by coach may travel independently to the walks.

Here is a summary:

With effect immediately:

  • Coach Seats - priority will be given to those members who are not able to travel independently

  • Bookings to be paid by BACS (Bank Transfer) prior to the walk

  • Bookings are accepted on a ‘No Refund’ basis

  • Members must choose the grade of walk at the time of booking. (A,B,C,D etc)


From Monday 7th September:

  • Only one Walk from two may be booked in advance (see below for example)

From Sunday 4th October:

  • Coach fares will increase to £15 per person

  • Those travelling independently to contribute £3 per person per trip.


For a fuller explanation please read on:

The Clapham and Ambleside rambles have been open to members for a couple of weeks. At the moment we have been able to accommodate members who are happy to travel by coach. However,  with more members now wishing to go by coach, we need to reinstate the booking rules we had before where walks opened at 19:00 on the Monday following the last walk.

We have decided that from Ambleside onwards we will resume the system of 'one walk from two' rambles that are open, i.e. on Monday 7th September booking for Saddleworth will open at 19:00hrs and can only be booked by those members who DO NOT have a booking for Ambleside. Members with a booking to Ambleside will have to wait until 19:00 on Monday 21st September as before.

With a limit on 30 seats on the coach it is clear that we will not get the revenue we have been used to. Whilst the club has subsidised the recent rambles we cannot continue to do this going forward. We should at least be aiming to break even where possible. Given the restricted seat availability and the additional costs associated with making our rambles as 'Covid Safe' as we can, we do not think it is unreasonable to increase the coach fare.

We are allowed a maximum of 30 seats although this could be as low as 26, depending on the number of 'doubles' that need to be accommodated. With an average cost of £480 per trip we think that an increase of £3 per seat will help to cover some of the shortfall.

Therefore, from October 4th (Saddleworth) the coach fare will rise from £12 to £15 per seat.

In addition, we felt that those members who choose to travel independently should still contribute to the cost of organising and running the day. As such, we felt that a supplement of £3 per person would also help with the costs. This will also be applied from the 4th October.

With this proposal, ALL members going on a ramble would be contributing an extra £3 per trip.

It should be noted that a typical day trip with G-Line is at least £17 - £20 so we continue to give good value.

Given the reduced income, members should also note that bookings are accepted on a 'no refund' basis. This would be subject to extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.

Due to Covid restrictions, we are no longer able to pass walk boards around the coach nor can we collect fares. Until further notice all members should pay for their booking by Bank Transfer. We recognise that a few members may be unable to do this. If this is the case you should contact Christine Bowness, our Treasurer, to make alternative arrangements.

Members must let us have their choice of walk when booking so that we can ensure we have the right number of leaders for the walks. Walk details can always be found on the website.

When paying for a booking, please only pay for one trip at a time. Bank details can be obtained from the Treasurer.

In the Reference field, please add the walk number: i.e. 20-18 (for Ambleside) We already collect your name from the payee field.

You will be advised to pay in the week prior to the ramble.

For Coach travellers, please note the following:

  • ALL those boarding the coach will undergo a temperature check.

  • Hand Sanitiser MUST be used whenever boarding. (provided by G-Line)

  • Face coverings MUST be worn for the duration of the journey.

  • The seating layout will ensure adequate social distancing. (1m + mitigations above)

  • Boarding will be directed by the driver. Allocated seats MUST be used for the entire day.

  • When placing or retrieving bags from the hold, please allow space for others.

  • The toilet is available for travellers to use but surfaces must be wiped after use.


ALL members can help by NOT joining our walks if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You have had any Covid 19 symptoms in the 5 days prior to the trip. (new cough, fever, loss of taste or smell)

  • You have had tested positive for Covid19 in the last 14 days.

  • You have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19 in the last 10 days.


Any member testing positive within 10 days of joining a club walk should notify us immediately so that we can provide contact details for NHS Track & Trace.

Pickup times and stops are as before although time should be allowed for the new safety procedures to be taken.

Final Note:

At the moment we have no plans to resume going for a meal after the walk.