Lytham St Annes Rambling Club
Lytham St Annes Rambling Club

Group Walking: Advice courtesy of The Ramblers.


We plan to resume our twice monthly group walks as soon as circumstances allow.

When we do, we will be following the guidelines below:


We will be recording who is attending the walk and keep this record for 21 days to support NHS contact tracing.


Walkers should still carry a face covering in case of any incidents and problems and pre walk and post walk gathering..


Continue to maintain physical distancing, including in any facilities where groups of people congregate.


Remind anyone who develops symptoms within 48 hours of the walk to apply for a COVID 19 test,

and to support NHS contact tracing if requested.


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT MIXING SHOULD BE AVOIDED if we want to keep the infection rate down.


When on a walk you should make the following allowances:

  • Be sensitive to rural communities and where possible avoid passing through working farmyards and gardens.

  • Avoid activities that may result in injury or require emergency services support, especially in remote locations.

  • Social distancing should be practiced at all times. Be mindful and courteous to others you may find on any paths you use.

  • Avoid touching gates and railings with your hands or use sanitiser if you do.


Be considerate to others and make sure you follow the Countryside Code (England and Wales) and Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

You should:

  • leave gates as you find them

  • follow advice on local signs

  • take litter home.


When in any villages or towns, maintain social distance and wear a face covering where required.